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Truck drivers are regulated by law to drive, work, sleep, and stay off-work. The terms driving, on duty, off duty, & sleeping are used to define driver day to day activity. Drivers are required to complete a daily signed logbook and a trip inspection report containing day to day activities including hours of sleep, driving, on duty, off-duty, total mils/kms driving, date, truck or tractor and trailer number, carrier name, and co-driver name if there is a one

The new federal hours-of-service (HOS) rules, with a compliance deadline of July 1, 2013, apply to drivers and motor carriers who are operating commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) and either:

  • Are engaged in interstate commerce and have to comply with the FMCSA’s (federal) safety regulations in 49 CFR Part 395; or
  • Are engaged in intrastate commerce — conducted entirely within a single state — and that state has adopted and enforces the new federal HOS regulations


  • Classroom training for Hours Of Service Regulations
  • On Site HOS Training Of your Company Drivers
  • Log Book Auditing
  • Log Falsification: We audit your logs against fueling and port of entry times
  • Ensure Compliance by Training and Guidance
  • Audit Representation
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