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This Training module teaches dispatchers the “soft” skills they need to do their job successfully. The training is extremely flexible, and the individual can arrange this at our Location at his own Convenience their own learning pace .The course takes approximately 4 days, and covers conflict resolution, communication and leadership skills, managing stress and multi-tasking. It Also covers profitable routing, legal requirements and avoiding empty mileage.

Practical online training is provided on live loads, finding a load, booking load, ACE/ACI Set up, Custom Clearance and many other related topics. Our Program provides students with detailed hands-on exposure and knowledge to dispatch activities in a trucking business along with skills required to starting and managing a successful trucking business. Students will develop general proficiencies appropriate for a wide range of careers in the dispatch function and ground logistics industry


Individuals with training in this field may pursue a wide variety of interesting positions, including:

  • Starting and managing your own successful trucking business
  • Dispatcher
  • Logistics Coordinator
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Earning qualifications in this field allows you to focus your career in the local marketplace and global organizations. Besides being able to start your own company, professionals in this field work for logistics companies, freight forwarders, import/export businesses, customs brokers and more.

We have successfully trained many students till now in Dispatch